The Helmet

The shape of the Villager helmet started out modestly as a paper machè model. The design progressed through multiple dissections of helmets, handmade pieces, drilling, cutting, and sanding, all on the deck of a little studio apartment. Once we arrived at our shape the technical work began on our snap system and visors. Using 3D design and print we were able to engineer and test multiple setups and styles. We arrived at a beautifully thought out design, a patent, and a helmet that offers something completely new.

The Specs :

Three colour options available:

Rojo Red with white

Ghost White with grey

Mirror Black with white

Ghost White with gold

Visors : The Courier Flip – The Half Flip – The Classic

Included with every helmet are all three visors, which snap easily into place with embedded magnet technology. The visors are designed to stay firmly attached, but also to break away as needed, in the event of an accident.

Eight slick air vents lend to the overall flow of the helmet, allowing for superior ventilation and comfort on those warmer days. Nylon straps lead to a vegan-friendly synthetic leather chinstrap for a soft, comfortable feel. With safety in mind, the Villager also boasts a rear adjustment dial, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

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